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This week has been a blur. I moved into my apartment at Park La Brea on Thursday, just in time to attend the commencement and celebration dinner for IBEAR XXXVII, congratulations to the outgoing class! The ceremony was great and the speech given by Steven was perfect. At the end of the dinner they showed a 12 minute video of Marshall School of Business IBEAR MBA Class XXXVII Commencementsome of the pictures taken during the year, it great to see how close they all have become. There was an overwhelming sense of positive energy in the air and I could see that some of the students had finally decided to let themselves relax after the intense experience they just completed. I’ve had the opportunity to meet several of my new classmates now, and a few of us headed to Koreatown last night for some Korean BBQ and a little karaoke, not a bad way to get started. One of the most unique aspects of the IBEAR program is the small class size, this coupled with the Korean BBQ in Korea-Town with IBEAR MBA classmatesintensity of the program creates tightly nit relationships that last a lifetime. Layer that with the breadth of international diversity in every class and you have the IBEAR network. The majority of the non-sponsored students in the class live in Park La Brea, a large apartment complex about 20 minutes from the USC campus. Families are getting settled and we’re all quite ready to get started.